Love Stained Heart


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released May 30, 2014



all rights reserved


POP GOES THE EVIL Cincinnati, Ohio

Pop Goes the Evil isn’t afraid of the taboo. Murder, isolation, sex, jealousy, profanity, self-examination — you name it, they touch on it. Pop Goes the Evil is a straightforward rock group, but its multifaceted musicality is evident, wrapping them in such a jaunty, quirky, tongue-in-cheek package, you can’t help but dance along. -Leyla Shokoohe, Cincinnati CityBeat ... more

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Track Name: Don't Cry
My heart, my soul. My mind, I know. Align when I. Don’t cry. A strain unknown. You’re not alone. Welcome home. Don’t cry. I have changed for good. Just like I said I would. Ashamed of pain. And full of hate. At war inside. Don’t cry. A burst of light. The sound of life. Alive, alive. Don’t Cry. Let it be known. Across the world. I am a creator. I make my truth. And when it comes time. To make war. I toss the crutch. And hit the floor. No pain, no suffering. Your hate means nothing. I don’t cry. We don’t cry.
Track Name: The Milky Shake
Is it me you idolize. Or is it my old lies. I miss your legs around my neck. But not your loving eyes. I see I’ve hypnotized your hips and thighs. I miss your lipstick on my collar. Not the cleaning bills. I miss my best and closest friend. Who kept my favorite thrills. When you go. And I’m all alone. When you go. I reach for the bone. I miss the tickle for a nickel. You’re a dime on time. Drop a quarter, launch a mortar. Dollar bills on fire. I miss spaghetti hot and ready. Empty belly blues. I miss the love that you destroyed. After the honeymoon. I’m gonna do the milky shake. Everyone do the milky shake. We gonna do the milky shake. Teach your toes to touch your tush. And maybe then we’ll talk. A certain standard is demanded. By the king of love. I do it wet, I do it dry. Eyes open and eyes closed. For the matter is, I’m flattered. But I fly solo. Milky shake now.
Track Name: Himalaya
On top of the mountain. A beauty lies. A standing ovation. For those who have tried. Himalaya. Himalaya, baby. You seem to have long forgotten. How the world stopped when I walked in. Every fucking time since then. It happens again and again. I know that it took forever. To turn fear into willpower. What you did to me was sick. And I could never fathom it. The crowning example. The queen of all. From the highest peak. To hell I fall. Seconds have turned into months. One look at you was all it took to fall. Dreams of you, asleep, awake. I toss and turn with hope and hate for you. Love is hell, and death is heaven. Misery upon the mountain, you. Himalaya. Ha ha ha. I’m stupid.
Track Name: Eat Your Heart Out
You come to my room. You spit, and you swoon. You howl at the moon. And come alive. My papers are new. You’ve nothing to lose. So kick off your shoes. Let’s slip and slide. There’s no time to waste. Daddy needs a little taste. Open up your legs. I’ma eat your heart out. You shit cus you’re sure. This boy’s not a whore. You powder your nose. And dress your eyes. Oh, me my, what’s this. Your heart makes a fist. This chick needs a twist. Deep inside. Tell your sister. How much I’ve missed her. Tell your sister I’m coming. Tell your brother. How much I love her. Tell your brother I’m coming. Tell your mother. How bad I want her. Tell your mother I’m coming. Tell your father. Just how I fucked her. Tell your father I’m coming.
Track Name: Time for Bed
Here’s the sun, It’s time for bed. Snakes and spiders in my head. Dirty pj’s doused with dread. I dress myself to rest inside again. Where all the witches lie. And filthy secrets come to mind. I toss and turn and sweat and fight. Will you please let me be for just one night. Please don’t hurt me. Or make me hurt myself. Come and meet my inner child. Bloody socks from trampled smiles. Laughs at all I’ve lost in vain. But in the end we carry the same name. My right brain’s been alive. For quite some time and feeling fine. It always keeps death on my mind. With every question answered die, die, die. I was supposed to write something important here. I was supposed to write something about love here. I was supposed to write something happy here. But I couldn’t, and I can’t. Lastly, I’ve been feeling sick. Growing old and growing tits. Losing hair attached to pieces of my brain. And sanity the same. I twist and wretch and writhe. I’ve forgotten how to cry. I fucking hate my double life. But I won’t quit cus I’m too scared to die.
Track Name: Saved
When the preacher licks your head. Then you’ll truly know you’re blessed. When the Jesus touches you. Then you’ll have a lie to use. Let the holy ghost reside. Spread and let him come inside. Let the fear of God invade. Get your shit together and praise. Saved. Take a dip and get so wet. Hold your breath and cleanse the rest. Open up your modest purse. Make it rain and lift the curse. Being good is not enough. Holidays are just a bluff. Heaven is a lovely place. Get your shit together and praise. I don’t really like to think too much. Understanding me is way too tough. I think I might rape the village bell. Cus I know I’m safe and saved from hell.
Track Name: Wishing Well
She don’t think. she drinks the water from the well. She looks better when she’s drooling. Ring that bell. You’ve created lies of love inside yourself. Sleep on stars, and beg for mercy. Straight from hell. Whose fault is it that I’m here. You jumped in out of fear, my dear. Whose fault is it that you suck. What do I care. Who gives a fuck. Whose fault is it that I lied. I’m trained to never kiss and tell. I am just a humble servant. Trapped beneath the wishing well. I’m not the right one. I don’t think. I operate on loneliness. Close my eyes, and catch the winner. Do your best. Slimy slugs self deprecate in salty sweat. Who wants love, and who wants honey. Place your bets. Save me from hell. Find me. Neath the wishing well. We don’t talk, but we sure fuck. Let’s taste that smell. Love is down, but pussy’s up. It’s time to sell. Words are words. What had you heard before you fell. I’m the beast that hides beneath the wishing well.
Track Name: Til You're No More
And so it goes. And stays the same. My shattered heart. Back to the flames. My copper smile. My cobalt lips. My silver teeth. My golden kiss. Inside the pot. My mind at bay. The came is set. My vitrier. Burned to life. New colors gleam. Another chance. Another dream. My heart is always new to me. My love, I never loved truly. This glass was not meant for beauty. I wish to tame my rare cruelty. One thousand years I’ve been trying. Eight fucking months you were lying. This glass was not meant for prying. I’ve grown. I’m not dead, I’m dying. Strong cylinder, crown, rolled, and flashed. You found a way to get past. I’m a fool. I’m a clown. I’m a horse’s ass. You’re a whore with no future and a touch of class. Kiss me. Kiss me in the darkness. Hold me as my new heart forges. I’ve never known a love like this. For you painted me in your likeness. I can’t. I must. True love. Mistrust. Desire. Disgust. My muse. My lust. The taste. The waste. My fear. Your fate. My friend. The end. Never. Again. Let’s toast. Let’s boast. Let’s make. The most. Your time. Is close. My heart. Your host. I’ll let you go. A place. I know. The grave. Your home. To dream. Alone. This glass. This frame. Is mine. To change. The pain. Remains. And stays. The Same. I’ll wake. I’ll rise. I’ll dry. My eyes. With truth. No lies. Toss my. Disguise. I’ll work. I’ll wait. I’ll seize. The Day. I’ll laugh. I’ll smile. I’ll love. With style. You’ll sob. You’ll cry. You’ll try. To buy. More time. To heal. But I’m sorry, Love. That’s the deal. Come. Take my hand. I’m gonna love you til you’re no more.