White Cream Soda


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released August 3, 2013



all rights reserved


POP GOES THE EVIL Cincinnati, Ohio

Pop Goes the Evil isn’t afraid of the taboo. Murder, isolation, sex, jealousy, profanity, self-examination — you name it, they touch on it. Pop Goes the Evil is a straightforward rock group, but its multifaceted musicality is evident, wrapping them in such a jaunty, quirky, tongue-in-cheek package, you can’t help but dance along. -Leyla Shokoohe, Cincinnati CityBeat ... more

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Track Name: I Got Crazy
The papers say I killed my baby
For once the news it tells the truth
But let me tell you how it happened
Fuck the nice words they used
Cus when it came to killing you
Baby, I got crazy

Picked her up from Betty’s Diner
“Why don’t we go somewhere quieter”
Headed straight to Lover’s Lane
Took a detour at the gate
She said “Where are you taking me”
Baby, I got crazy

Mercy, please
She screamed and weeped
But now you see
She needed it

Track Name: I Am an Island
I got the means to breathe
And I know it
But you’re choking me
Don’t you know it
Can I be myself without you
You don’t have to leave ‘less you want to

We’ve forgotten how
To just be ourselves
We lost it
In a supersonic mess of bullshit

Where does the pain end
I know it
Happiness again
I wrote it
I am he, I am he
I am he
I am life, I am death
I am king

I am an island
Not a stepping-stone
I am island
I can do it alone
Track Name: Kisses
Caked with our sin
You are
My love demon
Dipped in vomit
You are
The snake I lick

If I die alone
I won't mind at all
My love never lived
He's been waiting down below

Bathed in fire
Delicious liar
Mixed with
Our pain
Blood of
The snake I crave

You will be tortured
You'll go insane
But if you love me
You'll take the pain
Track Name: I'ma Gonna
I’m gonna have to
I’ma gonna have to
I’ma gonna slit you’re throat

I’m gonna have to
I’ma gonna have to
I’ma gonna grind your bones

I’m gonna have to
I’ma gonna have to
I’ma gonna take it slow

If you wanna play along
You gon’ have to drink some blood

I’ma gonna
I’ma gonna
I’ma go wild

Track Name: The Soul in the Hole
You’re the soul
In the hole
Where you rest
And corrode
Though alone
You offer
Your bones
You’re the soul
In the hole
Where I buried you

You’re the smut
On my mind
Makes me sick
Makes me cry
But I got you
When you gave
What was mine
You’re the smut
On my mind
Why won’t you die

You’re the shit
On my lip
And the crack
In my hip
I can’t dance
With you
On my mind
You’re the shit
On my lip
Though I buried you

Slither round
In your vomit
On the ground
Though I hate you
It’s so
Slither ‘round
Why won’t you die

You’re the waste
I excrete
Truly gone
I am free
You are nothing
But shit
To me
Evil soul
Of the hole
Farewell to thee
Track Name: Handsome Devil
Come get fucked and fried
You gotta give a little
He’s a handsome guy
You grew up in the middle

If you want to

He don’t mean a fling
He wants to love a little
You’re a nasty thing
He’s got a silver whistle

Wet with sin
And bathtub gin
He’s your guy

Handsome Devil

Stuck in muck and mire
You gotta shake a little
Shit melts quick with fire
Although your bones are brittle

Greasy, nasty, mean
His style is a riddle
Please him quickly now
Or else you get the fiddle

Sing your song
Amongst the dogs
He’s your guy

Devil, alive
Track Name: Cinnamon Roll
My Cinnamon Roll
You’re getting old
They come and go
My Cinnamon Roll

No one wants to love you
No one wants to try
They just wanna fuck ya
Open your eyes

No one wants to love you
Not unless you try
Someone had to tell ya
Open your eyes

My Cinnamon Roll
It’s time to go
Scrape off the mold
Reveal your soul

I cannot let go
My Cinnamon Roll
Track Name: Doom and Gloom
Like meadow nettles
In bloom
I’m sticking to you

Come along
To my room
Doom and Gloom

Like two rose petals
In glue
I’m better with you

If you wanna cry
Come and stay a while
I just wanna see you smile
I can wait all night
And for the rest of my life

Like two stray cats
You will swoon
And you’re mine for good

And if I catch you
A lyin’
I’m gonna skin that hide

Sisters, there ain’t
No reason to cry
I’ll never give up
On you and I

I’m always gonna be there
Track Name: Love and Gold
I’ve been known to
Tell a lie or two
To get what
I want from you
I have been
A nasty dog
And I’ll admit
I’ve licked it up

I am ready
To say sorry
Close my eyes
And take her hand
The only problem
Is my baby’s
Got another
Lover man

You tell Maurice
That Melissa is mine

I will take you
On a cruise
A pleasure cruise
Within your mind
I’ll touch your body
With my body
Only you
For all of time

Spread your body
Like an eagle
Say you love me
If you’re able
I am obsessed
But not hopeless
I can wait
‘Cus I am next

Getting filled
For the sake of goals
It’s not love
And it’s getting old
Fill you up with my drops
Of love and gold

I am sorry
For broken hearts
I am ready
To stop and start
Fill you up with my drops
Of love and gold

Can’t you see
That I’m trying
And I’m done
With my lying
Fill you up with my drops
Of love and gold

Is gonna be great
Take a chance
Take a stab at fate
Fill you up with my drops
Of love and gold

La la la…
Love and gold
Track Name: There's a Snake in My Boot
There’s a snake in my boot
And it’s trying to get loose
Dance around
Dance around
Track Name: Follow Me
When I was a child
I was a dreamer
Running wild
I couldn’t do it
I couldn’t do it
Boo hoo

Now I am a man
And I’ve focused my hands
And I can do it
I can do it too

When you come awake
And you dread the certain day
There’s no need
To get down on your knees
Just you stand tall
And realize you got it all
And you can do it
You can do it too

But if you do it
You gotta do it for you

Follow me
I can tell
Just what you wanna be
Let’s be free
I’ll unleash the beast in thee
You’ll see
Anything you wanna do is fine
Let’s be free
We are divine

We are just the same
Believe me
I’ve felt the pain
I crossed my heart
And hoped to die

But then something changed
I said fuck this fucking angst
I can do it
I can see it through

All you have to do
Is love your self in truth
Getting there is strange
But it feels so good

Come heed my call
All for one, one for all
If I can do it
You can do it too

But if you do it
You gotta do it for you

Open your mind